Monday, July 19, 2021

Tips for Teachers

In exactly one month -- August 19th to be exact -- the new fall semester begins on campus. Fellow teachers, God values the hard work you do every day. I once heard someone say that teaching is CRAZY:

C = Care for your students. Speak with your students. Listen to them. Let them know that you care. And for crying out loud, answer their emails promptly.

R = Real world examples that relate to your students' lives. Keep classes relevant. Understand the issues and pressures your students are facing.

A = Actual experiences in your life that relate to your topic.

Z = Zeal! Make your classes energetic and interesting. Add some vigor to your rigor.

Y = You. You make the difference in the classroom. Remember, Jesus said that we become just like our teachers (Luke 6:40).

I would add:

Be yourself. (Your best self, of course.)

Enjoy the ride.

Teaching is a wonderful calling. Education liberates us from the prison of ignorance. It finds its glory in sharing and serving. This is the kind of teacher I want to be. These are the kinds of students I want to raise up. This fall I'm teaching Greek 2 and Advanced Greek Grammar. If I teach well, I will create a household of grace filled with happy Jesus followers who love and serve him with their whole heart.