Saturday, July 24, 2021

A Few New Books

More often than not, I'm reading books. Who am I kidding -- I'm a book junkie. I read for any number of reasons. I read primarily to grow as a person and in my walk with the Lord. This means I read mostly non-fiction books about life issues, the Bible, and about great people. While I can get much of this information online, I know for a fact that my personality is best suited when the reading experience is tangible. The goal is to hopefully understand life better and, as a consequence, to live better. 

My criteria for choosing a book are very simple. It's either a book I feel I need to read (as in a "must" read), or it's a book that seems like an amazing read because of its author or title or both. When I read, I'm always analyzing. You can always learn something new by reading a good book, especially when it gives you a different perspective than the one you're used to. The more provocative, the better. This year's stash includes the following tomes that appeared on my porch yesterday thanks to Mr. FedEx. I'll comment on a couple of them later, but for now I need to be about my chores and then get in a run. Love you guys!