Friday, July 2, 2021

Discussing My Forthcoming Book

My former assistant and I met today in Henderson, NC, to discuss my forthcoming book How to Make the New Testament Come Alive!

Abidan Shah is an elder at Clearview Church and the host of the podcast Hoi Polloi. This is the 6th interview I've done with him. (Go here for the others.) He also invited me to teach a New Testament class at Clearview in the spring of 2022 as well as speak at their Apologetics Conference in the fall of same. Yes, and yes! Abidan is the author of an excellent book that has already elicited a number of reviews in such prestigious journals as the Expository Times.

We also decided today to see Harry Sturz's classic book The Byzantine Text-Type and New Testament Textual Criticism back into print.

I spoke today with a publisher who is definitely interested in helping us do this. Stay tuned for more details.