Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Today, I bit off more than I could chew. Way more. But that's okay. Being a type AAA personality, I did it willingly and with gusto. 

My life, like yours, is very full. But it's never "too busy" to do whatever we want to do. "I'm too busy" (I hate that expression!) is just a lame excuse we make when we say yes to garbage and fail to make good choices. That's right, whether we will answer that email or phone call in a timely fashion is a choice. Meeting your publishing deadline is a choice. Refusing to complain about being "spread too thin" is a choice. That's a fact. 

Today started off as per usual with my morning Bible time (in Philippians). Then it was off to the Y where I did an upper body workout. 

As you can see, I never lift too heavy. 

That's because I'm a rank novice and a weakling. 

When I go to the gym I'm not out to set any records. I stick with my program and slowly -- very slowly -- work out how to do the various strength exercises I need to make me a healthier and fitter runner. I will never be a bulging Superman -- I don't want to be -- but I know that a strong and balanced upper body can contribute to better running form (as in running tall and straight). I once tried to go too fast (and lift too many pounds) and injured my shoulder. I was out of commission for weeks. I learned my lesson -- I hope. 

If you're serious about achieving peak physical fitness, strength training is a must. But be wise. After a workout, your body repairs the damaged muscle through a combination of sleep, rest, and good nutrition. Rest is as important as training. 

After my workout, I drove to the high school and got in a 3-mile run at a slow pace. 

There is simply something magical about having both feet in the air at the same time. 

But notice: I said a "slow" pace. When we runners overtrain and run too fast too soon, we get injured. Running then becomes an unpleasant chore instead of an enjoyable pastime. During slow jogging, it's possible to continue to exercise for a long time without fatigue or running out of breath. When we run we feel no more tired than when we are walking. Running one mile will burn the same number of calories whether your speed is 2 miles per hour or 10 miles per hour. The key is a low heart rate. 

Okay. So that was that. Back at the farm, I needed to get out the mower again. 

As you know, farm work is something I absolutely love to do, even in the heat. 

I also needed to spray the weeds that always seem to come up out of nowhere after a good rain. This time I got smart and asked the guy at Tractor Supply if he had anything that would kill not only the leaves but the entire plant including its root system. 

This should do the trick and I'm eager to give it a try. 

You can't find it in the garden section of the store where the Round Up is. It's in the farming section. Be forewarned: It costs an arm and a leg. Hopefully, though, it will be effective. I'll let you know. 

All of this activity has taken its toll, so I'm off for a nap. Then it will be back to work outdoors again this evening. Not too much activity is planned, however. I hope to bike to Jamestown tomorrow so I need to be rested up for that. 

Oh, want to hear something funny? This email came today. 

Say what? How in the world does a lazy lump of lard get invited to the triathlon National Championships in Milwaukee? According to their website, in order to qualify you have to place in the top 2 (or top 15 percent) of your age group nationally. Wow. There must be some really slow triathletes out there between 70 and 74. 

Will I go and compete? Are you kidding? I'd get stomped. Besides, I could never fit it into my schedule. 

I'm too busy. 😁