Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Facing Down Fear

My next triathlon is in two weeks. It will be held in Garner, NC. 

Today I invited one of my colleagues to join me. He says he's not a good swimmer but I assured him that all of us are weak in at least one leg of the event -- swimming, cycling, or running. I like to consider doing races that are bigger than myself. You know, races that take you to a higher level of challenge and purpose. As always, personal success is defined by whether we actually do something with the opportunities we are given in this life. I remember trying to muster up enough courage to sign up for my first triathlon. I was scared and excited at the same time. Then someone told me, "Sign up, then show up." I did both and had a great time. I think what holds people back is fear of the unknown. Once we face down our fear, what else is there to hold us back? All I can say is, you can be physically ready, but it really is a mental race. I love training my brain. Mental strength is a huge component in reaching our life goals. 

I hope my colleague will decide to try it out. The rewards are well worth the effort.