Sunday, July 17, 2022

Race Report: 2022 UNC Health Triathlon in Garner, NC

It's always fun when the summer is speckled with activities you enjoy doing, and today was no exception. The race down in Garner was a blast. First of all, before I checked into my hotel last night I got to eat Ethiopian Food in Cary, which made my tummy very happy. 

Then at the race venue I got to see some old friends like Matt, whom I met in Denver a couple of years ago when I spoke at Summit Church Denver. He and his family have relocated to Cary. Matt is a hardcore triathlete. Out of 160 entrants in today's triathlon, he came in 7th. Way to go, Matt! 

Then there's the joy of trying to find your bike during transition 1. :-)

Yes, you do eventually find your bike, and yes, you do finish the race. It's always great fun to cheer on the race winners. Here are the top three men. 

The first place finisher had an amazing time of 41:44. Remember, that's after swimming 250 yards, biking 10 miles, and running 2 miles. He beat out the second place finisher by only 27 seconds. In turn, the third place finisher was only 13 seconds behind him. That sprint to the finish must have been something to watch. 

And here are the top three women finishers. 

The winner's time was 46:56. But all three times were awesome.

Finally, the men's 70-74 age group was well represented today (6 entrants). Somehow I managed to podium (I came in third, while John came in first). 

My energy to add anything to this post is highly non-existent right now, which doesn't happen often in my world. Just some reflections on a wonderful race. What a day! I love triathlons! They feed my soul!