Saturday, July 16, 2022

Tomorrow Is Triathlon Day!

Confession: I think I am beginning to enjoy swimming and cycling as much as I do running. Which is one reason I'm scheduled to do triathlon #2 for 2022 tomorrow down in Garner, NC. 

The weakest discipline for me during a tri is cycling. I still do not invest the necessary time to get much better at it though I do occasionally pass someone on the bike course. Usually I'm the one being passed. I try not to let that defeat me. It's just another way of challenging yourself to get better at something. 

If you've never done a tri, you should. Either you'll catch the fever (like I did) or you'll call it quits (which is absolutely fine). But it's best to figure that out for yourself. As you train you'll want to focus on your weaknesses. Always gravitating to what you're good at doesn't help you get better at other skills. If you hate swimming or maybe don't even know how to swim, take lessons at the Y. 

The one thing you will need is a good bike. Use whatever you have, even a mountain bike if you have one. Don't fret when you see all those fancy road bikes at the event. If you do end up pursuing triathlons, you'll want to get a road bike that fits you. Make sure you feel comfortable on your bike. If the fit is poor you won't want to ride. 

The final advice I would offer has to do with the running you do at the end of a tri. If you have only done running events, you will probably be surprised at how little leg speed you have when you get off your bike. After all, you've already worked hard to get to this point. At first your legs will feel like rubber. That's perfectly normal. Cheer up. They will work fine once they get warmed up. 

Your first few tris will feel awkward. This will be my 8th triathlon but I still feel like a novice. Still, participating in triathlons has been at once an audacious adventure as well as a source of joy in my life. I want to be able to race everything I can for as long as I can. 

I can't wait to see how well I do tomorrow.