Wednesday, July 27, 2022

We Must Defend Historic Christianity

More from the preface to my forthcoming book on the kingdom of God:

The general assessment of our culture is that the Christian phase in the history of the world is over and, as post-Christians, we should be moving on to something else and leaving Christianity behind us as quickly as possible. We must adopt the "new" culture of the day, which is slated to replace the "old" one. This all seems clear.

Christians holding to and practicing biblical faith must be equally clear in rejecting any proposal that denies the finality of the Christian faith. We must defend historic Christianity, and we must do so as an expression of our love for and adoration of God. Our commitment to societal transformation will not be based on secular concepts of justice and equality but on the new birth that comes only through faith in Jesus Christ. To put it another way, God's work of saving us in justification underlies God's work in us in sanctification. We will therefore reject all attempts to confuse the cup of cold water we hold in one hand with the Gospel of repentance and faith we hold in the other. The "full" Gospel requires no addition to simple faith in Christ, be that addition circumcision, tongues-speaking, or any other form of legalism.