Thursday, December 7, 2023

"A Day Which Will Live in Infamy"

The attack on Pearl Harbor took place 82 years ago today. That day in Hawaii, 2,300 Americans were killed. At Pearl Harbor, 19 ships were either destroyed or damaged, including 8 battleships. It's a bit jarring to think that my home was a war zone that day. Here you see Kailua town. 

Circled in yellow are two military installations that were attacked on that balmy Sunday morning. To the north is the naval air station at Kaneohe. To the south is Bellows air field. At 9:00 am, nine Zeros strafed the floatplane installation at Kaneohe, while another nine hit Bellows, causing considerable damage. All the American planes were put out of commission. This photo of Kaneohe's naval air station was taken on Dec. 9. 

For two summers in high school, I worked on this base. I was always cognizant of the fact that men bled and died here in service to our nation. On Dec. 9, here's what Bellows air field looked like. 

Again, what irony. In the background stands majestic Mount Olomana, which every kid growing up in Kailua has climbed numerous times in more peaceful times. 

On this day I will reread Gordon Prange's At Dawn We Slept, and this evening I will watch for the umpteenth time Tora! Tora! Tora! The leader of that attack, Commander Mitsuo Fuchida, is pictured on the right. 

The story of his conversion to Christ and his subsequent evangelistic work is worth sharing with your family on this fateful day. 

The reconciliation of enemies is a beautiful picture of the reconciliation that the Gospel brings. Even in the dark, God is making all things new. Thanks be to God.