Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Keep Showing Up

Keep showing up. Even if no one else invests in you, invest in yourself. I did so at the gym today. It was a very hard and a very satisfying workout. 

Even if you don't see immediate results, keep showing up until you do see results. They're not going to come if you quit. Your mind always wants to quit long before your body does. You know your own body the best. You know if you're a quick gainer or a slow gainer. Some people see results right away, while others take longer to see the same kinds of results. There are many factors involved, including your genetics. My advice to you (to myself also) is to be consistent and not give up. 

So keep showing up. Lifting is all about mindfulness, discipline, and energetic focus. Just show up and do it because no one is going to do it for you. I am two years into my strength journey. I had so far to go. But I am finally seeing muscle growth and fat loss. 

It's been a slow and steady transition but it's been a sustainable one that works for me. Just keep lifting and progressing. Try to beat the you of yesterday. And even if you don't, show up tomorrow and try again. 

Keep showing up.