Thursday, December 28, 2023

My Quest to Lose Belly Fat (What to Do and What to Avoid)

By now you know that I'm all about setting goals and having concrete ways to measure those goals. I am currently at about 20-25 percent body fat. I would like to get that down to 15-20 percent. In this latter range you will see some abdominal definition, which is my goal. 

At the gym this morning. 

If you are at a current level of 20-25 percent body fat, vascularity is not present, but the overall look doesn't give the impression that the person is badly out of shape. The reason belly fat is so hard to lose is because it's usually the last place you lose it. In other words, belly fat loss is directly related to your overall weight loss. As your overall body fat diminishes, your belly fat will too. The areas of body fat that we lose first tend to be face fat, neck fat, and shoulder fat. Eventually you lose arm fat, chest fat, and back fat. At this point, most guys will begin to see some big improvements in their midsection which, with everything else, is also getting leaner. This is when you're going to start seeing some of your obliques. The only thing that's left at this stage to develop is the lower portion of your abs. 

So what can you do to get rid of that stubborn belly fat? It all boils down to sticking with your resistance training program. Here I am this morning working off my belly fat. 

You say, "Wait a minute! You're not doing crunches or situps. You're doing dumbbell curls." That's exactly my point. Yes, we CAN lose belly fat. We just can't target our fat loss with exercise. We lose fat proportionately throughout our body with diet and exercise. Eventually the only place that will be left for my body to burn fat will be in my abs. I'm not there yet. But I won't get there unless I consistently work out. 

I'm sorry, but there aren't any shortcuts. I wish there were. I wish losing belly fat was as simple as these blogs and videos make it out to be:

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Don't get sucked in by the hype. There's so much misleading information circulating in the online fitness space that it can cause many to run in circles and never get anywhere. Getting lean is a long-term process. It's not something you can just force by temporarily implementing a few online tips. You're looking at a scale of at least several months of consistent proper training and nutrition. To see progress in a truly noticeable way and to really transform your physique as a whole to go from, say, generally out of shape to having a lean, strong, muscular body is usually going to be measured in years. 

Be patient and consistent, and the results should come.