Monday, December 4, 2023

Who Are Your Favorite Old Testament Scholars of All Time?

Continuing my series "Who Are Your Favorite ....?", today I asked my colleague and buddy Tracy McKenzie, "Who are your four favorite Old Testament scholars of all time?" Tracy is an expert in Old Testament Hebrew and Hermeneutics. He holds doctorates in Old Testament from both SEBTS and the University of Göttingen in Germany. His writings include Idolatry in the Pentateuch and Harlotry as History. In January he leaves for Germany to spend his sabbatical at the University of Heidelberg. (Yes, I'm jealous.) Tracy's Hebrew classes are always packed to the gills. They should be. He's a great guy and an excellent teacher. 

Anyhoo, here's how he answered my question. 

1. Franz Delitzsch.

2. John Sailhamer.

3. Campegius Vitringa.

4. O. H. Steck (no photo available).

[Bonus: Tracy asked me to add Brevard Childs. Excellent selection.]