Friday, December 15, 2023

Friday Favorites

Today saw me engage in two of my favorite activities -- bodybuilding and photography. This morning it was back to the gym for a brief workout. I concentrated on doing pull ups as there is no better exercise to determine your fitness -- or lack thereof. 

It was a killer workout but I am more passionate about this exercise than ever. Even a single pull up builds character. 

Then it was off to Appomattox Court House Battlefield State Park to try and add to my photo collection. The place was deserted except for yours truly. I think Grant scared them away. 

Here's the view as you enter the village along the old Richmond to Lynchburg Stage Road. 

And then there's the quaint old village itself. 

At the heart of the town is of course its court house. 

Only the famed McLean House can overshadow it. 

My walk back to the car took me alongside yet another worm fence. I wouldn't mind having one of these on the farm. 

By now I was starving so I decided to drive into Farmville for some Mexican cuisine. I wanted to try something new and my server said, "Por qué no pruebas los camarones a la diabla?" -- large shrimp covered in a red chili pepper sauce. It was hot and delicious. 

Visiting historical sites and enjoying a meal out has become sort of a habit for me. Just part of my life and my routine I guess. It's kind of like eating raw carrots and brushing my teeth (not at the same time). Anyway, it was a fun morning. I did do some serious stuff this morning -- reading my Bible and writing up a blog post and the like. Maybe I'll post something later on about good ol' Harvard. Then again, maybe I won't. I'm not thrilled with what is going on, but I'm not surprised either. 

Ad Deum (= Adiós) for now!

P.S. My pics today were in black and white because there was no color photography back in the 1860s.