Wednesday, December 20, 2023

I Started Stretching

My massage therapist says I need to begin doing stretching exercises and, being the humble and compliant person that I am, I have dutifully complied. It started today at the gym. I have actually never seen a lifter stretch. True, runners often stretch, but only after running. For me, it's been never. However, I've been told, and readily agree, that older runners (does that include me?) benefit more from stretching, because as you age you lose elasticity. Yeah right -- as if I ever had elasticity to begin with. I do think being a bit more limber couldn't hurt in the mountaineering department, so if I need to stretch, I will. 

That's life I guess. Just when you're cruising along thinking that you're on top of the world, someone steps in and convinces you that you are not invincible, that you're just an aging man in training who is as a stiff as a ladder. Here is one of the stretches I did I tried to do today. I know: sad. 

Which clearly means I've got a long ways to go. 

So there you have it.