Wednesday, December 20, 2023

It Takes Time to Form Callouses

Lots of myths out there about lifting. One of the more famous is: "You make the fastest gains when you're a beginning bodybuilder." Don't you be fooled. George Bush put it eloquently when he said:

(I realize that readers under 30 won't have the faintest idea who George Bush is. That's okay. This clip is still worth watching for its "raw entertainment value.") 

For me, the changes have come about very slowly. But, thankfully, changes eventually do come if you're patient. Incidentally, working out changes more than just your body. How I perceive difficult situations has changed as well. I've also become a bit more calloused in a positive way. Going to the gym really helps to hone your qualities of mental resilience, concentration, stronger equanimity through hard times, and a better understanding of delayed gratification. People like David Goggins don't "hate" working out. They love it. But they have grown to love it. Our selfish instant gratification mentality is killing us. Progress at the gym is not supposed to be quick. It takes time to form callouses!