Tuesday, December 12, 2023

"Sheep May Safely Graze"

When I pulled into the farm today my mind went to Bach's famous Sheep May Safely Graze. Probably no aria of his is better loved or more well known than this one. The piece invokes a pastoral scene that I am blessed to encounter on a daily basis. 

The words say, "Sheep may safely graze where a caring shepherd guards them." What a beautiful picture of the way our loving Shepherd cares for us. 

Again I want to thank the kids for mowing all the fields now that haying season is over. I love how clean the farm looks. 

It's still hard for me to believe that the house in this photo was built in 1811. If only walls could speak what tales they would tell. Becky and I loved living in this house while we were building our own home. Everytime I see it brings back such fond memories. 

Did you know that the hardest thing about being a farmer is the very reason they enjoy it so much -- trying to be good at all the ordinary, everyday jobs like repairing fencing (my son repaired this one for me today). 

The sad truth is that America's farmers are getting older and young people aren't exactly rushing to join them. Farming isn't just a calling. It's a way of life. It's a lifestyle that requires hard work and dedication and that involves challenges, beauty, and a deep connection to the earth. But while living on the land may be arduous, the rewards are immeasurable. You find joy in the simplest moments on the farm -- like pulling into your driveway and thinking about how safely the sheep are grazing. 

It's been a privilege to have lived on this farm for 22 years. After all these years, Rosewood still holds a profound beauty that fills my heart with awe and gratitude to God.