Sunday, November 7, 2021

A, B, C Goals for Richmond?

It was another great workout this afternoon in Farmville, ladies and gentlemen. 

It's time to set specific race goals for the marathon this Saturday. Regardless of our age, we should always pursue high-but-realistic standards for every race we run. A good goal can be a wonderful motivator. An optimistic outlook is key, like when I set a PR at the Virginia 10-Miler a couple of years ago. 

I will let you know later this week what my specific A, B, and C goals are for the race. But for now, congratulations are due to all those who competed in the New York City Marathon today in the Big Apple. The race was certainly exciting to watch from afar and yes, it appears that the competition was stout for a while because of the inclusion of Bekele in the field. May we all strive, like today's runners, to achieve new heights and goals in the days left in 2021.