Friday, November 26, 2021

Cessasionist or Continuationalist?

I'm sometimes asked if I am a cessasionist or a continuationalist. I want to go on record as affirming the latter:

1. I believe we should continue the pattern of simple lifestyle evangelism begun in the book of Acts.

2. I believe we ought to get out of our cozy churches and put Christ on display in the world's darkness where we are needed. 

3. I believe we should continue the emphasis in the New Testament on every-member ministry since we are all priests of the Most High God. 

4. I believer we ought to follow the example of the apostle Paul and eschew the excellence of human oratory and any appeal to human wisdom. 

5. I believe we ought to continue the example of the early church and reject position and power as measuring sticks of success. 

Bottom line? Like the earliest believers, I want to be like Jesus. I want to be a passionate lover of God and others. I want to be a man who takes the way of Jesus seriously. I want to be willing to risk my life if necessary for the sake of the gospel. I am tired of talking and am ready to live. The satisfaction of normalcy and conformity has died.