Sunday, November 28, 2021


You did it, class, you did it! Tomorrow night you will arrive at mile 25 of your 26-chapter Greek marathon. 

Your overcoming challenges without giving up is truly inspiring. Great job on the tenacity it takes to finish something you started, and I'm so glad this journey has led you to this point. Congrats again on the beginning of your Greek reading career, which obviously has already been rewarding to you. Never forget the 7 laws of tenacity:

1. Expect it to be hard.

2. Set immediate and long-term goals. 

3. Don't dwell on the negative.

4. Accept your weaknesses. 

5. Be kind to yourself.

6. Know that there will be an end.

7. Never give up. 

Move through each challenge with faith and courage, even when you doubt you have the tenacity to do so. 

Love you all! See ya in class tomorrow night!