Sunday, November 14, 2021

Can We Recover the "Original Text" of the New Testament?

Abidan Shah, of Clearview Church in Henderson, NC, regularly hosts a podcast called Hoi Polloi. According to their website, "Hoi Polloi is a podcast channel for the average church goer to gain deeper insight into today's current issues and topics." Before heading up to Richmond on Friday, I had the joy of being interviewed by Abidan and his media specialist John Galantis. 

The program was centered on the topic, "Can we recover the 'original text' of the New Testament?" As you may know, Abidan recently published a major book on this subject. 

Even though the book is based on Abidan's doctoral dissertation, it remains accessible to the Christian who is a non-specialist in the subject of New Testament textual criticism. 

The podcast will be published in about a week, at which time I will link to it here. As an aside, Clearview will be hosting a major conference on this subject in the fall of 2022. More on that later as well.