Monday, November 22, 2021

More Plans for the Future (Lord Willing)

More plans for December 2021 and for 2022:

1) I just got my ticket for the annual Christmas concert at the Chapel on the campus of Duke University. The date is Dec. 19, and the concert is titled And on Earth, Peace.  

The concert will feature John Rutter's magnificent Gloria, which Becky and I had the good fortune of performing when we were members of the Northeast Piedmont Chorale. Here's the first movement of this worship-inspiring piece:

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest pieces of music ever written. The composition is only 50 years old but feels as classical as ever. I still tear up just listening to it. Gloria in excelsis!

2) My teaching schedule for 2020 has now been set. I will teach a Greek class in the spring, two Greek classes in the summer, and finally a Greek class in the fall. I have agreed to teach 4 classes a year, as long as they are in person. (I like to state the obvious.) My summer classes will be held between May and June, thus allowing me time to (hopefully) resume my international travels in July and August. 

3) I've already mentioned that my two peak races for 2020 are the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati in May and the St. George Marathon in Utah in October. For me, running marathons is symbolic of hard work, determination, and following through on things I start. I suppose that's why I take them so seriously. 

4) My biggest, hugest, most cyclopean goal for 2022? Staying healthy and injury free so that I can continue to teach and travel in the hopes of accomplishing the work the Lord has given me to do. If you know me, which I think you do, you know that I am stubbornly determined to give everything I do 100 percent. If there is any chance in heaven that I can do this, I will do it. I simply can't back down. 

I leave you with the best flash mob ever.