Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Marathon Week Update

It's been a fantastic training block as the miles have piled up. Now it's time to taper and rest for the race so that I arrive at the starting line fresh and fit. The defining word is "fun," which means running with all these crazy people who share a weird passion with me -- running for a long, long, long time. I'm not going to lie -- one of things I don't like about this sport is all the t-shirts they give away. I know I don't have to take one home with me after a race, but I'm always thinking, "Maybe my grandkids will want this one." Even then you always end up with dozens more shirts than you need, a problem easily resolved if you know where to look. 

Meanwhile, today I am being my usual Type A personality and over-achieving self. I am now working on the yards and getting them ready to be put to bed for the winter. This means one last trip to Lowe's. 

I may even have to get out the lawn mower one last time. The weather is perfect for it. But mainly right now I'm in anticipation mode for Saturday's race. I crave the elevated heart rate, the endorphins, the urge to push myself. When I run I feel alive. Hopefully there's something in all of our lives that makes us feel that way. Sometimes finding what "it" is takes courage and a step out of our comfort zones!