Saturday, November 20, 2021

Fresh Start Just Ahead!

How would you finish this sentence?

I've been putting if off for months, but the time has come for me to try to ___________________.

W. A. Criswell once said, "Christianity is the land of beginning again." Every new year can be a time of new beginnings. 

BUT ...

We must begin with God. We'll never get off to a good start unless we begin with him. After all, the universe began with him. Salvation began with him. Final judgment will begin with him. 

Begin your new year's goals with him. You have two resources to help you: the word and prayer. So bring your life under the all-knowing and all-loving eyes of God. All that remains for us to possess, all that is ours in Christ, all the acts of service that remain for us to do -- let's reach for these things while forgetting the past. Only Jesus can help us off failure's merry-go-round. 

No matter how badly things may be going, every January offers a fresh start.