Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Intellect PLUS Emotions

I once did a deep dive into Paul's radical list of love-virtues in Rom. 12:9-21. If you'd care to look at it, I think you'll discover that the argument Paul presents is an amazing one from a purely literary point of view. Paul had been endowed by God with an amazing intellect. The body of Christ has been indebted to it for two millennia. 

But Paul wasn't only an intellectual. He was also a man with profound feelings. He never thought without feeling, and he never felt without thinking. His mind and his emotions worked hand in glove in the appeal that he brings to us in Rom. 12:9-21. We are to be thoughtful people but also people of emotion and feeling. Prayer and the word and godly living ought to show up in the smiles on our faces and not only in our books and blog posts. 

One cannot hear the truth and remain unchanged emotionally.