Thursday, January 19, 2023

My Next Race!

My next race is this Saturday, so der Herr will. It's a 13.1 mile trail race in Greensboro that crosses the Reedy Fork River twice. 

Here's the course route and elevation chart:

Looks more like an x-ray of someone's intestines and an EKG to me. So far it looks like 250 of us have signed up for this race. Lord willing, this will be half marathon #40 for me. 

There are different opinions on how one should run a trail race like this one. My strategy? Finish the same day. As I said yesterday, I know I'm bad at sports. Yet I still love sports. I think I need races to make the physical effort interesting. It may be true that the glamour of the sport belongs to the front runners. But glory belongs to every one us regardless of whether or not you ever set foot on the podium.