Monday, January 23, 2023

My 47th Year of Teaching!

I started out the first day of the new semester in the best possible way -- getting coffee and a sausage biscuit at Bo's. Now I'm at the office printing off quizzes and answer keys and preparing to teach the present and future tenses. 

To say that I am excited to be starting my 47th year of teaching Greek would be a major understatement. I still hope I am setting some kind of an example that is sinking into my students. Here's what I wish:

  • That they realize that hard work and discipline pay off.
  • They will acquire lots of endurance and patience during the semester. 
  • They come to realize that, in the Lord, they are stronger than they think.
  • They realize that setbacks are not something to be ashamed of.
  • They know that I support them wholeheartedly in their studies.

If you are a teacher, I think your discipline, drive, determination, and goals speak volumes. Your life is rubbing off on your students in ways you will never know. As teachers, we are defined by the example we set.

Happy teaching y'all!