Wednesday, January 4, 2023

The Bible: God's Love Letter to Us

Hey there! What a precious time this morning in Philippians chapter 1. 

It's been 62 years since I came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Who cares how many problems you have when you have him? Suppose I told you that tomorrow you could have a half hour personal appointment with Jesus concerning your needs. You could talk to him about whatever subject you wanted, seek his counsel about the decisions you face, and speak with him about your problems. How many of us would rush to get our name on that list so we could be right there for the first appointment! May I suggest something to you? Start thinking about personal Bible study as being a personal counseling session with Jesus Christ! For every need or problem you have in life, there's an answer wrapped up in its pages. From the day I turned 16, God instilled within my heart the most insatiable desire to read his word and that hasn't changed since. I can't tell you how many times he's taken the familiar and make it fresh and new. This morning it was as though I realized for the first time that Paul had written Phil. 1:21 not just for the Philippians but for me too. "For me, Dave Black, to live is Christ!" Paul was 100 percent committed to the supremacy of Christ! That was the secret of his life and ministry. "To me," he wrote, "what life means is Christ. I now see everything according to whether it exalts Christ or not, whether it brings him honor or dishonor. For me to live is Christ even if it means my freedom is curtailed or my reputation is attacked or even if I must die!" Paul had his priorities right. He was willing to suffer imprisonment and slander if only thereby Christ would be honored and proclaimed. Friends, already in 2023 I've spent much time in reflection and prayer. I say it tremblingly, but the Holy Spirit has already brought to my mind two particular things that need to be surrendered to Christ. In these areas I've asked him to replace my self-centered ambitions with Christ-centered ones. Thank you Jesus! 

This morning, the Bible became a love letter where I could just wallow in God's love and care as I realized he was talking to me. He's given us such a simple plan to follow because all we have to do is read his word and that's the answer to it all. My part is to put aside my own desires and let God have his way, and doesn't he spell it out so easy for us understand?

Praise God! HalleluYah!