Thursday, January 5, 2023

Running in Place with Dumbbells

Today was cardio day but instead of heading out to the trails I decided to run in place with weights for an hour and a half at the gym. Yes, it was challenging, but that's the point. 

The key here is: warm up properly, use light weights for higher repetitions, and take frequent breaks (at least every 15 minutes). If you're the type of person who works out regularly with weights, particularly with dumbbells as I do, then you shouldn't have any problems. (I lift three days a week and do cardio three times a week.) Remember that any exercise is dangerous IF the weight or resistance that you're adding is too much for your body to handle. This goes for weights, resistance bands, dumbbells, even jogging in place. So dumbbell running is okay if you're physically capable of handling the weight/resistance with the velocity you're applying. The dumbbells will build your arms, shoulders, forearms, and abs. Choose dumbbells that are challenging but not too heavy.

I love this workout routine!