Thursday, September 16, 2021

Cycling (and Ethiopian Food) in Richmond

Food and I are good friends. Especially Ethiopian food. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

My training goal today was to get in a long(ish) bike. So off I went to the great city of Richmond to bike the Virginia Capital Trail from Schockoe Bottom to the Four Mile Creek Park. The skies were just beginning to clear when I arrived in Richmond. 


I grabbed my bike and headed off. Here's where I started from. 


Here's my turnaround point. 


And here I am after the bike. 


I am one hungry puppy. A long(ish) ride will do that to you. 


What shall I eat? Ethiopian, of course! The Addis Ethiopian Restaurant is located less than a mile from where I parked. Schockoe Bottom is truly a city under revision. It has a funky hipster vibe, making it a growing foodie destination. The cobblestone streets make the neighborhood easy to explore. 


The community is undergoing a revival thanks to the influx of new businesses. The Addis is one of them. The food was spectacular -- fresh and authentic. I ordered Becky's favorite -- kai wat (spicy beef stew). 


The owner's name is Bitew and he is super friendly. 


If you're ever in the Richmond area, be sure to pay the Addis a visit. It's only a stone's throw from the interstate. Check out the menu


So you see, it was a pretty neat day. Hope yours was too. 

Tomorrow is a day for lifting, then I have a 10K in Greensboro on Saturday. 

That's all for now!