Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Virginia 10 Miler Is Back!

Did I tell you? It's back. The Virginia 10 Miler in Lynchburg, that is.

The race is this Saturday and I'm signed up for it. It wasn't cheap, but hey, I've still got a roof over my head and Ramen noodles to eat. It's all good. Even though this is race #3 for me at the Virginia 10 Miler, it's been a while and I need to be more prepared than I am. 10 miles is a long ways to go. But the perks are amazing. You even have some world class athletes competing for first place, including Kenyans and Ethiopians.

Need I say more? Yes, any chance to practice my abysmal Amharic is a good day. 


The hills are another story, especially that last uphill stretch before the finish line. 

It's brutal. But the rest of the course is lovely. You run through the historic Rivermont neighborhood, past Randolph College, through Riverside Park, and then back. The weather is usually warm and humid. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Tomorrow I hope to get in my last long run before the race. 

So there you have it. How's your week going?