Thursday, September 23, 2021

My Fall Challenge for You

Can it really be true? Has our long hot summer finally come to an end? Yesterday was the first official day of fall, and around here the weather backs up that statement. Temps in our area have dropped dramatically overnight, and the humidity as well. 


Perfect running weather! The heat and humidity don't cause your body extra stress. You don't get dehydrated so quickly. You notice small improvements in your time and pace. Of course, hot "summer" days will come back. They always do. But I am SO READY for fall. 

To all my non-running friends out there (and that's about 100 percent of you): Fall is the ideal time to run outdoors with minimal interruptions and discomfort. Countless races are approaching. Besides, the world all around us is filled with beauty. People from all walks of life have taken to the roads and trails en masse. Those of us who run 3 days a week don't quit because we feel so good. Today's runners are in it for the fun. And remember: The walk break is your secret weapon. It will allow your running muscles to recover before you get injured. In fact, at first your "runs" will be mostly walks. But eventually your running segments will become longer and your walk breaks shorter. Take it from someone who knows!

Here's my challenge for you this fall. Make a break with the old non-fit world you're so accustomed to. Just get out there and do what you can, when you can. The running lifestyle is not bound by age, ability, or pace. You're running for you. Run until running becomes a natural part of your week. Simply set aside three 30-minute periods of either walking or running per week. If you do, I can almost promise you that you will begin to experience the relaxed feeling that comes during and especially after a run. 

All it takes is to begin with a single step.