Thursday, September 2, 2021

Is It Fall Already?

September 22 officially marks the last day of summer, but today it sure felt like fall, what with our 75 degree temps and a cool breeze blowing. What better time to get outdoors and get caught up on your chores? Today I sprayed Round Up at Maple Ridge. 


And here at Bradford Hall. 


I also found some mildew growing at MR. 


So it was a good day to take care of that little matter as well. 


Looks like it will also need a paint touch up.

Earlier I got in an easy 3 miles at the high school track. 


I am eager for the fall season. Get ready to:

  • Look for geese flying south.
  • Feel the wind against your face.
  • Look for trees turning color.
  • Listen to the rustle of leaves.
  • Sip on a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Fall is also perfect reading and writing weather. Then there are all those fall races to think about. 

As a native of Hawaii, I grew up without seasons. Now I'm so used to them I tend to take them for granted. Not today, however. Fall is so close and yet so far away. But today I felt her first fruits, and it was delightful.