Saturday, September 18, 2021

Greensboro Run on the Runway 10K Race Report

Let's get started on today's race report before I forget everything. I'm old, remember? Let's see, where was I?

This was one of the funnest races I've run in a very long time. It was fantastic! I drove to the Piedmont International Airport and found a parking place. 


From there, runners were bused to the runway. 


The lines for race packets were surprisingly short. 


After that I just milled about for a bit before exploring the sights. 


This guy was offering flying lessons.


And they had an aircraft kids could enjoy. 


Then we were asked to line up. Per usual, I started the race dead last so as not to make the faster runners have to pass me. 


My legs did not fail me in this race. 


After I settled into an 11:30ish pace, I was on autopilot for the rest of the race. 


Wasn't it a beautiful day? 


And just like that, the race was over. 


I cruised over the finish line with the same smile I had when I started. As always, a race challenges you both mentally and physically. But once I found my rhythm everything just seemed to fall into place. 


Sort of like life. Find out what you're here for. Then go for the gusto. All this to say, today's race proved to me once again how running can make all of us better and stronger. 


If standing at the starting line gives you permission to dare greatly, standing at the finish line gives you permission to give thanks to the One who allows you to realize your dreams. Take a moment to think about your next step. What lies in your future as a follower of Jesus? Dream on, my friend, dream on!