Friday, September 3, 2021

Less Is More

It's always fun spending a long holiday weekend getting caught up on farm chores. The chore du jour was trimming tree limbs. 


I had lots of help. 


Sometimes less is more in life.



Here are a few random less versus more thoughts:

  • More faith, less worry.
  • More talking to strangers, less time guarding my "me" time.
  • More reading good books, less reading books because I "have" to.
  • More cooking for myself, less dining out.
  • More racing just for the fun of it, less looking at my Garmin.
  • More volunteering, less being volunteered for. 
  • More simplicity in my writing, less wordiness.
  • More water, less fruit juice. 
  • More gratitude, less complaining. 
  • More saving, less spending.

Here's wishing you peace and balance in your life this holiday weekend.