Sunday, September 26, 2021

Thank You, GCCC!

Thank you, Greensboro Chinese Christian Church, for inviting me to speak today at the conclusion of your missions month. 


This was my fourth visit to this congregation.


My message was entitled "Myths and Mistakes About the Great Commission." Here I am with the church leadership. 


And with shepherd-teacher Steve and their missions coordinator. 


Steve took Greek with me years ago and still hasn't recovered. Over Thai food we talked for 2 hours about the amazing work the Lord is doing in China, Taiwan, and locally. According to Jesus, loving God and serving people is the substance of living. Otherwise you build a flimsy house of cards. So nice to be with a congregation that "gets it."

Xiexie ni! Love you guys! 

P.S. Enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the Denny's in Greensboro before the service. Spanish was spoken mostly. Loved it! I asked my server if she would like a copy of Becky's book in Spanish. She said yes. I know she will enjoy it.