Friday, September 24, 2021

Finding the Balance in Running

As everyone knows (because runners are big mouths and are always blabbing on and on about their upcoming races), the Virginia 10 Miler is tomorrow in the city of Lynchburg, VA. Deo volente, I'll join more than 4,000 runners on this historic course. The race starts at the E. C. Glass High School and ends there as well. 

The iconic status of this race did not occur overnight. At one time it was just your typical local race struggling to find runners. But after the Bill Rodgers-Frank Shorter showdown in 1975, the race got back on pace. 


Today the event has an international profile. But the elites aren't the only runners. Back-of-the-packers like me feel right at home in this event. It's an honor to be running in it for the third time.

Right now I'm headed for the gym to do an upper body workout. I'm rather be running today to tell the truth. Although I enjoy biking and lifting, my first love is running. I want to do it all the time. That said, rest days are essential. Even as hard-headed a person as me realizes the dangers of over-training. Tomorrow's race in Lynchburg is not my peak race of the fall. That's the ultra in 2 weeks. Tomorrow's race is a rust-buster, a tune-up race for that event. 

If you are a runner and live in the greater Lynchburg area, I invite you to consider signing up for this race. I'll be there, Lord willing, putting my slow twitch muscles to work. I'm not after a PR. My over-riding goal is to use races to stay healthy and fit so that I can be running in Depends when I'm 80. You can't get there if you're beating up your body all the time. 

Whether it's running or something else, for heaven's sake find the balance. Don't let a hobby ruin your life. Yes, push yourself, but not to the point of destroying your health.