Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Last night the Lord sent us a long "farmer's rain" -- slow and steady. Rain is a lifeline for anyone who farms. There would be no food supply without it. But have you ever thought about the therapeutic value of rain? That's right -- when you're warm and sheltered and a long downpour begins. There's nothing quite like going to sleep to the pitter patter of rain falling on a tin roof. This morning the rain is gone, but the after-effects are there: an earthy, warm scent filling the air. 

Gratitude has been on my mind lately. Life is difficult at times but it's infinitely easier if you're grateful for the good. I love my job, I love the people I work with, I love the farm and my animals, I love being outdoors (even when it's raining), I love having a car that gets me back and forth, I love having a gym nearby. Gratitude is mandatory in life folks. It keeps everything in perspective and helps us to laugh at the silly things. Looking forward to the rest of the week as I get some writing done and pursue my running goals. But today, right NOW, I'm one thankful farmer. We couldn't do what we do without God sending us rain.