Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Today's Run in South Boston

Now THAT was a training run.

I finished it in the rain, trying to outrun a thunderstorm. 


Note to self: Check your weather app BEFORE running, not after you've started. Here are the stats:

Distance: 7.72 miles.

Time: 1:40:03.

Total ascent: 303 ft.

Total descent: 299 ft.

Pace: 14.06 min/mile.

Avg. speed: 4.3 mph.

Max speed: 7.3 mph.

Avg. heart rate: 111 bpm. 

Calories: 1,060.

I'm sorry if you get tired of my marathon training run reports. Honestly, while today's trail conditions were far from ideal, it was one of the happiest runs I've ever had. Gosh, they are ALL happy runs when I stop to think about it. Only 5 years ago I belonged to the "I'll Never be a Runner" club. Now I is one. 

Be honest. Are you getting enough exercise? Are you taking good care of the temple? Without being a tad hard on yourself you'll probably never get out of bed in the morning and go for a walk or run. I'll only speak for myself, but it feels so good doing something different and challenging myself in a new way. When I run I have time with the Lord, time to pray and to reflect on life. "The glory of God," wrote Irenaeus, "is man fully functioning." Each of us must find that place for ourselves. I do hope you find yours, my friend.