Thursday, January 20, 2022

Day 4 of My Workout Week

Day 4 of my 6-day workout is done! I did an hour run at the Y on the treadmill. Tomorrow, if it doesn't snow too much tonight, my goal is to get in my third and final weight training session of this cycle. I plan to run again on Saturday and then rest on Sunday. One thing I don't get is why there are so many RBs in gyms these days (RB = Rule Breakers). Who cares about this cell phone rule? 

Well, I do. The guy two machines to my right was on his phone practically the whole time I was running. Can't we all just have some awareness of common courtesy as we travel through this life? When he was done, he broke another rule of the gym -- you are supposed to wipe down your equipment both before and after your workout. Ok, maybe I'm being too hard on the guy. I've had my own clueless moments in the gym. I think everyone is a little more rude these days than normal, more stressed out, more cold, etc. What I do love about where I live is the way people open doors for others rather than go barreling through the door and not waiting 3 seconds to hold the door open to greet someone who is entering the building. 

P.S. I've been listening to Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor while working out. This is by far my favorite version of this amazing composition. Unlike most performers, this young organist doesn't play it too fast. And just wait till you hear the reverberation throughout the cathedral. Speakers up!