Thursday, January 27, 2022

Is This the Final Schedule?

I had to use the Y for today's 1-hour run. Yes, the sun was shining brightly, but there was no warmth in it. We're expecting yet another! snow event tomorrow, so a cold front is definitely on the horizon. Anyways, it was a great workout, thank you, Lord. 

Earlier today, I sat down with my day planner to finalize my race schedule for 2022. No, I haven't actually registered for every one of these races yet, but I do enjoy having them on the calendar. I remember how I used to surprise Becky by taking her out for her birthday. But I quickly learned that she preferred knowing about it a few weeks ahead of time. "Half the fun is the anticipation," she would say. I'm the same way. By scheduling my races ahead of time, I'm able to eagerly look forward to them. Do we type A personalities always have a perfect plan? Of course not. But I work better when I have a plan in place, even if it's a temporary one. I always do better with structure

Here's what's on my calendar:

  • February 19 = 6.5 mile race in Cary.
  • March 26 = Run on the Runway 10K in Greensboro.
  • April 9 = Petersburg Half Marathon.
  • May 1: Flying Pig Marathon in Cincy.
  • June 5 = Rex Wellness Triathlon in Knightdale.
  • June 25: Night Train Ultramarathon in Farmville (31 miles). 
  • July 10 = Rex Wellness Triathlon in Garner.
  • August 21 = Luray Triathlon.
  • September = ????
  • October 1 = St George Marathon (Utah).
  • November = ????
  • December = Honolulu Marathon.

I'd like to say I will be doing all of these races. But if I miss one or two, no biggie. After all, it's not like I'm training for the Olympics or anything. 

By the way, I've already done each of these races at least once, some more than once (if I do get to the Flying Pig this year, it will be a four-peater). The only new race is a marathon in the sweltering humidity of Honolulu. I guess if you have to do 26.2 mile race in Hawaii, the best time of the year to do it is in December (with a 4:00 am start to boot). 

Oh, sorry for repeating myself, but I turn 70 on June 9. The reason that's significant is because on my birthday I get to move into a new age group when racing. I'll never forget turning 55 and being able to order off the senior menu for the first time. Say what? 55 ain't old. Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to finally coming in first place in my age group, even if I'm the only runner.  

Dave then. 

Dave now. I wouldn't be caught dead in a tie today.