Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Running Outdoors Again

Let's face it. While there are some people who prefer to run on the treadmill every day, there are others who just have to do as much of their running outdoors. In my opinion, running outside has many advantages, including fresh air, privacy, and the enjoyment of being in nature -- or, as in my case today, running at the local high school parking lot, which I used for today's 1-hour run along with the adjacent track. 

Once again, I'm trying to balance a three-days-per-week weight training session with a three-days-per-week cardio session. I do love this new routine. Yesterday I had a full upper body workout at the Y, which I hope to repeat tomorrow and then again on Friday. 

Last night our Greek class got off to a great start. It's going to be a fantastic semester. However, one of the things I'm really praying for is that my students will always see the big picture and remember that studying isn't everything. If you overemphasize its importance, then you begin to lose your balance in life and place your academic life above your family life. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but there is NOTHING better than having equilibrium in life and not moving too far on either end of the pendulum. For me, running is amazing, as it lifting, but my life is so much more than athletics and I always want to keep it that way. A happy and contented life is made up of enjoying ALL of the opportunities God gives you. 

On Thursday I'm hoping that the snow has melted enough for me to return to the trails. Sure, you can always do your outdoors running on a track or a school parking lot, but for me there is nothing like being able to admire the sights and sounds of nature, feeling the warm glow of the sun filling your body, and being amazed at the random thoughts that fill your mind when you're running all by yourself. I've never been bored while running on trails. Every single run brings me joy in one form or another even if it's not always easy. 

Can you tell I'm happy to be running outdoors again??!!!