Saturday, January 1, 2022

Latin Quote of the Day

From Augustine's Confessions (end of Book 1):

Gratias tibi, dulcedo mea et honor meus et fiducia mea. Deus meus, gratias tibi de donis tuis. Sed tu mihi ea serva. Ita enim servabis me, et augebunter et perficientur quae dedisti mihi. Et ero ipse tecum, quia et ut sim tu dedisti mihi.

Thanks be to you, my sweetness and my honor and my confidence. My God, thanks be to you for your gifts. But preserve them for me. For then you will preserve me, and what you have given to me will increase and be perfected. And I myself will be with you, because even my very being you have given to me. 

Wonderful prayer for a new year, don't you think?