Monday, January 3, 2022

Hawaiian Pidgin for Beginners

If you ever move to the Islands, you will need a guide to Hawaiian Pidgin expressions. Here's my list. I was born in Honolulu in 1952. I moved to Kailua in 1955. I lived in Kailua until I left for Biola in 1971. We used all of these expressions while growing up, but some we used more than others. In this list, expressions in bold type are those for which we NEVA WEN use the corresponding English equivalent, so you will want to learn these first. If you have time to only learn one expression, learn "pau." 

Pau (done)

Bumbye (later)

Da kine (whatchamacallit -- and many other meanings)

Small kine (little bit)

Lanai (patio)

Wahine (woman)

Tita (one tough kine lady)

Kane (man)

Moke (one tough kine guy)

Planny (plenty)

Ewa (in the direction of Ewa Beach)

Hale (house)

Shishi (peepee)

Imu (pit fo cooking da pig)

Keiki (child)

Kuleana (business/responsibility)

Tanks (thanks)

Slippahs (flip flops)

Talk story (have a conversation)

Talk stink (talk bad about)

Kapakahi (crooked/messed up)

Hele on (let's go)

K-den (okay, then)

Lilikoi (passion fruit)

Kokua (help)

Okole (one's bottom)

Stink eye (dirty look)

No ak lidat (don't act like that)

Ono (delicious)

Onolicious (very delicious)

Broke da mouth (super delicious)

Kaukau (food)

Pupu (appetizer)

Bachi (bad luck)

Shave ice (shaved ice)

Pilikia (trouble)

Buggah (person)

Howzit (hello)

Try move (out of my way!)

Malihini (tourist, mainlander)

Shoyu (soy sauce)

Choke (awesome)

Cockaroach (steal)

Makai/mauka (toward the ocean/toward the mountains)

Ohana (Family)

Mo' better (better than average)

Kamaaina (local)

Lolo (crazy)

Pilau (stinky)

Moemoe (sleep)

Opu (stomach)

Puka (hole)

Da (the)

Dat (that)

Wikiwiki (quick)

Bodda you? (bothers you?)

Akamai (smart)

Fo shua (for sure)

Like beef? (wanna fight?)