Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Tuesday Update

Today's workout (after lifting):

My meal du jour (chicken francaise -- flower and egg dipped): 

As I was running on the dreadmill treadmill, two thoughts came to mind:

1. The Y is host to a bunch of older people, in fact people who are even older than me, if you can believe they exist. I give them a lot of credit for being out there, getting in their steps or walking on the treadmill or doing light lifting. Exercise is easier than you think. You just move your body. And for you thirty-somethings out there snickering about your youth, remember that the aging process begins around the age of 30. At whatever age, movement confers health benefits to your muscles, skeleton, heart, brain, and more. I love being around people like that. 

2. My plan for tomorrow is to run outside, because we are about to have a heat wave here (the high will be 47 degrees). I plan to cruise along at about the speed of a snail while admiring the beauty around me. This is the story of my life -- always adjusting to the weather. I guess I could move back to Hawaii. 

Speaking of which, diss buggah too funny: