Thursday, January 13, 2022

What I Eat in a Day

It was a terribly hard decision to know what to prepare for my meals today. After all, I'm a complete newbie. Well ... training has started, research commenced, plans made. FWIW, here's what I enjoyed today:

1. Breakfast. To break the fast I had a cup of coffee while reading my Bible and then cooked up some scrambled eggs with cheese, a couple slices of bacon, and some sour dough toast with homemade blueberry jelly. The perfect balance of fat, protein, and carbs.

I actually saved the banana for later. 

2. Snack. After my workout at the gym, I had a banana and a few sips of chocolate milk to tide me over until I got home and prepared lunch.

3. Lunch. For lunch I enjoyed a tuna sandwich (protein + carbs) and a delicious avocado (fat). 

4. Supper. I just finished eating a scrumptious chicken stir-fry with some jasmine rice. I got the recipe from Spice N' Pans on YouTube. 

5. Snack. If I do snack tonight, I will probably have some popcorn with a cup of hot milk -- a tradition stemming from my visits to Ethiopia. 

By the way, did you know that you can tell where someone is from in America by whether they use "supper" or "dinner" to describe their evening meal? Becky and I would usually use "supper" for our evening meal and "dinner" to refer to a larger or more formal meal. So our main meal after church on Sunday was called Sunday dinner, never Sunday lunch. It was usually served between 1:00 and 2:00 pm. 

So there you go!