Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Where's the Beef?

For someone who has raised Angus, I actually don't eat very much red meat. But with my daily workouts being as they are, I felt I needed to get back on track with this excellent source of protein and fat. I'll let you in on a little local secret. There's a store in town called Supply Line. It's an old mom and pop grocery store with the absolute best beef cuts in the region. Here's what I bought today -- a sirloin steak, a T-bone steak, and beef stir-fry. And I spent just over $14.00 for the whole lot. 

I threw some potatoes in the oven for 20 minutes and then fired up the grill. This was the result (I added a few beets). 

The steak was broke-da-mouth delicious -- and filling. I left half of the taters for tomorrow's breakfast. This is my nice way of saying I pigged out tonight. I wish I still had a dog to give the bone to.