Friday, January 7, 2022

"Does" Versus "Keeps Doing"

My morning Bible time was in 1 John 2. 

The message is clear: Only those who consistently do the will of God abide forever. This truth is magnificently brought out in The Living Bible

Sometimes I get the impression that the TLB is more in tune with verbal aspect theory than its myriad successors such as the ESV and the CSB. The Greek permits the rendering "keep doing." The context practically requires it. 

I sometimes fool myself into thinking that only the "big" sins matter and that following Christ can be separated from following Christ's pattern of life in a very literal, everyday manner. Students, the world needs young men and women who will say no to the world with emphasis, though the rest of the world say yes, men and women whose ambitions are not confined to their selfish desires for pleasure, passion, or popularity, men and women who put character above wealth and whose word is their bond. 

In a nutshell, obedience isn't an adjustable justification we use when convenient. It's not really a choice but a command. And the extent to which we gladly obey Christ probably says more about us and our Christianity than anything else.