Thursday, October 7, 2021

A Few (Totally Boring) Odds and Ends

So this is what's been happening in my life:

1. Saw the eye doc about my chalazion -- which, by the way, is now so big I had to take out a birth certificate on it. When he saw the size of my affectionate little bump, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped, as if to say, "This kind comes out only by prayer and fasting." He wanted to excise it right then and there, but when he heard that I'd be running for 7 hours this weekend decided to postpone the procedure until next week. I'm going to miss my chalazion. It's almost part of the family.

2. Mark, the trainer at the Y, was a big help today as he walked me through the proper form for the machines in the weight room.

He told me that good form is always more important than the number of pounds you're lifting. So my goal today was to double-check my technique with a weight training specialist. The better your form, the better the result and the less likely you are to get injured.

Look mom, I'm lifting!

3. Race weather on Saturday is not looking good. There's now an 80 percent chance of rain, which itself isn't an issue (they don't cancel races for rain). But if a chance of thunderstorms develops, I'm afraid the race director may cancel the race altogether and postpone it till next year. But I'm even more afraid of lightening, especially during a trail race where the aid stations are 5-6 miles apart. So we'll see. I actually enjoy running in the rain. Must be all those days of liquid sunshine back in the Islands. 

4. Oh, one last thing. I see there are now 8 male entrants in this weekend's ultra who are in the geriatric division (60-69). Imagine a group of seasoned citizens, all strangers, coming together to compete against one another. For some reason, this actually makes me laugh. I think it just speaks to how important it is to keep active, especially as one grows older. While our lives are all different, our goal is the same: stay active and healthy for as long as we can. No bells and whistles, just the trail and some healthy competition. 

Let the games begin, rain or not!