Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Running Is a DECISION

Getting ready, prepping, for the the race this Saturday. Which means, of course, that I'm obsessing about the weather. I run in all kinds of weather. I once did a full marathon in Dallas on New Years Day when the temperature was literally 1 degree Fahrenheit. 

The dude behind me is actually smiling.

And I did the Tobacco Road Marathon in Raleigh when the temps were in the upper 90s. Now, of course, we're in the fall/autumn season of the year. (Who else loves the fall? -- raise your hand.) This was my view this morning during my Bible time on the porch.

The day is supposed to turn cloudy and rainy with t-storms popping up this afternoon. Then some serious rain from Wednesday to Friday. Yesterday the race director of the High Bridge Ultra emailed us to say that there was a 45 percent chance of rain for this weekend's race. I think those odds are improving, judging from today's weather report. 

The good news is that even if it is raining on Saturday there won't be any extremes of cold or heat. I'm not a psychologist, but my guess is that being motivated to run is more a mental thing than a weather thing. 

Self-talk when the weather is nice: It's too beautiful not to run.

Self-talk when the weather stinks: Toughen up, buddy, and get out there NOW. 

The big question is: do I still wear my tank top and shorts even though the weather will be coolish? Honestly, my legs and arms don't get all that cold even in colder temps. That's because the areas of your body with the most fat get the most cold. (Yes, those areas.) Most runners tend to overdress when the weather is cold. I might just layer and then take off a layer when things warm up. It may sound weird to say it, but for me running is as much about suffering as it is about enjoyment. It's meant to be a challenge. Don't over-think things. Just get out there and run. If the weather is lousy, rainy, etc., and you don't feel like running, you will feel more awesome than usual when you get it done. With the exception of lightening and ice, I pretty much accept whatever Providence sends my way on race day. Like everything else in life, running is a DECISION.

Wherever you are today, go have fun and enjoy every mile!