Saturday, October 16, 2021

Easy Days Easy!

Easy running today. LOVED IT! 

Easy days easy, hard days hard. An easy run is a break from the hard grind of training. It's also a break on the mental side of running. The brain is either working for or against us. Therefore, on easy days it's vital to rest the brain as well. No over-thinking or over-planning. Just turn the doorknob and go. I'm excited to put my body through its workouts in the oncoming days. Before, I was all about time, distance, and speed. I saw no reason to train unless I went all out. Now I get a much more profound sense of joy and fulfillment from my daily slow runs than I ever did beating my body up in order to get a number on a watch. A fast time is not the goal; deep, healthy conditioning of the body is. 

That's it. Easy days easy, hard days hard.